“Kayser is a brand of prestige and tradition internationally known for quality, value, and service."





Kayser was trademarked in 1908 in New York City. In 1960, Jacob Nazal purchased the license to open stores in Santiago, Chile, and set up “shop.” Says Kayser Managing Partner Jamie Nazal, “Our facility came to have over 800 workers for dyeing of fabrics and lace. This is a family business where I got in very young—I hope that my children will continue the business!”

In 1968, the Kayser trademark was purchased, and, with the entrance of partner Edward Abugattas, Kayser began to manufacture the garments in Asia. “We travel three times a year to Europe to different fairs. And together with our five designers we choose the collections which are sent to our Asian manufacturing,” explains Jaime Nazal. “Each article must meet our quality requirements. The garments enter our own laboratory for analysis of the elastics and dyes, to ensure that the standard our public is accustomed to is maintained.” 

In early June 2017, executives and partners of the company, Ignacio Nazal and Jorge Abugattas, came in from Chile to close the agreement to start operating in the United States. According to the chief marketing officer of the firm, Ignacio Nazal, the company will open four locations in the state of California. The biannual collection, designed in Santiago, Chile, will be available to offer to domestic department stores in July 2017 for Spring 2018 deliveries.

Kayser owns 65 retail stores. The collection is carried in Falabella, Paris, Jumbo, and Lider. In September 2017, Kayser will debut its new distribution center at Santiago Airport. The state of the art complex is 216,000 square feet and boasts a gym, a soccer field, showers, and a clubhouse/lunch/break facility.

The target audience of Kayser is consolidated in the middle class, where 65 percent of women hold the purchasing power. In 2018, Kayser is on target to achieve worldwide wholesale sales growth of over USD $200 million.



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