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The Classic Standard Secure

Snuggler Dog Bed

The Classic Secure Snuggler Toy Bed

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create and provide you with a new standard in pet bedding. Our bed is ergonomically correct and supportive for the physiology of your pet. We use the finest quality fabrics available. We are committed to outstanding quality. We offer you a product that will sit as a conversation piece as well as innovative comfort for your pet in the finest homes.


The Secure Snuggler is born of inspiration and out of love for our precious pets. The Snuggler is proudly handmade in the USA with quality materials chosen to give your dog a cozy sense of well being. We, at Secure Snuggler, have designed the ultimate ergonomic comfort with plush rich fabrics and lux appeal. The walls of the Secure Snuggler are made from an expensive non-porous material called minicel® that is firm for comfort at the same time soft. The luxurious Tempur-pedic memory foam "low historisys mattress" conforms to your dog's skeletal structure, ensuring individual support and maximum rest. The needlework, construction and care that goes into the Secure Snuggler, "The Worlds Finest Pet Bed” is nothing less than outstanding, We promise your pet a safe haven of sweet dreams.

About our Gold Bullion Crown

CROWNS: Are symbols of monarchy, state and power and denotes dignity and accomplishment. The etymology is as follows Middle English coroune, crowne, from Old French corone, from Latin corona wreath, crown, from Greek korone/ culmination, something curved like a crow's beak, literally, crow; akin to Latin cornix crow, Greek korax raven. The use of the crown as a symbol of monarchy is of ancient tradition in Egypt and the Middle East. In ancient Greece and Rome, however, crowns sometimes made of leaves, were simply wreaths, awarded to victors in athletic tournaments or bestowed on citizens in recognition of an extraordinary deed. In medieval and modern times, the crown is generally made of metal, often gold or silver and inlaid with precious gems. Our Crown is handmade with real gold bullion thread. The Secure Snuggler bed is fit for a King or Queen.

We offer embroidery of your beloved pet's name on special orders.

"A dog has the soul of a philosopher." ~Plato.

Hand made in the USA


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