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"Design Your Life"

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Boutique & Magic Show 
in Las Vegas
Feb. 01, 2001





magic08.jpg (39925 bytes)
Ace in Magic booth
magic04.jpg (22101 bytes)
Ace and Nikki Sixx (of Motley Crew) checking out the line
magic05.jpg (31202 bytes)
Ace and Nikki love sign

Ace, Nikki and Kevin Port
magic17.jpg (28071 bytes)
Polina and Nikki

Lief, Kevin and Nikki at Outlaw
magic10.jpg (23490 bytes)
Bob and Sally in Ace's booth
magic11.jpg (30952 bytes)
Polina modeling
magic16.jpg (34014 bytes)
Ace, Polina and Nikki
magic19.jpg (18871 bytes)
Wayne Newton and Ace

Ace and Wayne
magic06.jpg (17087 bytes)
Wayne and Ace
magic07.jpg (19686 bytes)
Ace and Wayne
magic18.jpg (15166 bytes)
Ace and Terry Martiniez from California Apparel News

Terry, Ace, Wayne, Lief
in Wayne's dressing room
magic20.jpg (17389 bytes)
Wayne and Bob

Terry and Lief 

Lief on Wayne's stage