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Barry Manilow supports The One Voice Foundation

David Alhkeradov is our first recipeint of the scholorship award.

Thank you Steinway Piano for your generosity!


Jan 24th 2010

600 "HAiR, Let the Sunshine In" tee shirts

are on the way to Children in HAiTi.


Loading up the truck for Afghanistan with donations from Ace Ross Studios.

We applaud the efforts of the garment industry for supplying One Voice with clothing for the victims of Hurricane Mitch in Honduras and the victims of the earthquake in Turkey.



We are at a time in history in which it is our commitment and responsibility to make a shift in humanity for a better world.

We are still living in the Stone Age when it comes to the way some treat animals. 

China is off the scale with the way they kill dogs and cats for food. 

Take a stand; we can make a shift in humanity for a future that treats animals kindly.

You can make a difference if you see some one abusing an animal...pass forward "A Dogs Wish."

"A Dogs Wish" is a gift
You can print out "A Dogs Wish" at

Take a stand...stop animal cruelty.


 New York City Youth Wins First One Voice Foundation Scholarship





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