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One Clothing Runway at Bryant Park Mercedes Fashion Week

with Mandy Moore

Irv Mitzman - design room at Ace Ross Studios

We sold a lot of tee shirts in 1997-1998 after my trip to Italy.

Sherwin with Elio Fiorucci

Hilly Krystal CBGB's 1999 - RIP Hilly

Sherwin, Precy (my partner in Manila and China) and Hilly Krystal (CBGB) at Magic Feb. 15, 2005


Sherwin and the Hon. Michael Butler



Growing up in Paris, France made a very big impact on the entrepreneurial spirit of Sherwin Ross.

While his skills as a saucier, guarde mange, and grill chef were promising, and his role as Berger in the 20th Anniversary Tour of "Hair" was a big hit, it was obvious Ross was destined for more. He had enough of asking his boss for time off to go to an audition, and his Berger hair was getting out of control. With a new found sense of self, Ross thought, "Self, wouldn't it be great to own your own business?" And thus, "She's Got Legs," a hip-hugger, stretch cotton, lycra bellbottom and legging company, strutted her way.

In 1995, a chance encounter introduced Sherwin to Alex Ok, owner of Pandora Casuals. Impressed by Sherwin's energy, passion, and knowledge of fashion, Alex asked Ace to join Pandora Casuals as International Sales and Marketing Manager to help design, sell, and brand the Pandora label.

Demonstrating his business savvy, Sherwin changed Pandora's label to the short and sweet, One Clothing. The inspired move proved to be smart - gross sales for the company quickly topped $100 million. Ross' ambition led to yet another business venture in 2000 with the birth of Ace Ross Studios Inc. that designed and produced lounge wear for juniors and tweens. The "teeny bop"ular line sold to Dillard's, Fred Segal's, and Ace's account list of 800 active boutiques.

Sherwin's experience in the fashion world helped him develop an uncanny sense to spot trend. With his foresight and creative passion, Sherwin was able to create successful markets for his clothing lines.

Sherwin was instrumental in creating junior trends from 1989-2000. With communication and teamwork with the design team and taking massive action to produce, One Clothing was shipping 750,000 pieces a month. We were the leading clothing manufacturer selling millions of tee shirts with chest stripes, camouflage, angels, navel-breaker, low-rise bellbottoms, and velvet items in the mass budget to moderate price point market place.

Today, One Clothing is partners with Forever 21 and the owner, is the President of Forever 21.


AR Studios Inc.(2000-2003)

<Then the World changed. We kept on keepin on. We did the shows and no one showed up. We kept the doors open on San Pedro one walked in.>

Ross worked hands on with his design team, working patterns, wash houses, printing and shrinkage. He developed and manufactured denim, garment dye, mineral wash, french terry, tie dyes, yoga wear, and novelty fashion items. The Studio developed its own prints and stories for lounge wear.

Lounge wear for juniors & tweens

Denim and Americana collection

Tweens denim, coordinates, & sportswear

Girls 4-6 denim, coordinates, sportswear

Irv Mitzman on left.

Sherwin's knowledge and experience in trend spotting, design, production, and quality control can only be an asset to his pledge to you.

"I will do my utmost to help you maximize your investment."

Today, Sherwin is working with Michael Butler to create and design the first licensees for apparel and accessories for HAiR®, the musical close to his heart that he starred in as Berger.

celebrating the 40th Anniversary of HAiR the Musical

It doesn't cost any more to work with the best, it can cost you everything if you don't.

My first store ..designer and manufacturer of the Cotton Lycra Hip Hugger Bellbottom ...1995

On Broadway ....three doors away from Canal Jeans:) I rented the front of the store from Moskowitz who sold children's party dress's and underwear to religious women:)

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