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WORLDWIDE EXPERIENCE: expert sales | marketing | licensing | brand expansion | production | method actor  

Leadership: The ability to lead others; I am a passionate, persevering, multiple disciplinary. My entrepreneurial spirit, creative thinking, and my personal fulfillment comes from helping others reach their maximum potential.  My core values are being healthy, courageous and to create magic moments of love for myself and others.

I offer you a diverse 40 year industry experience as an expert in sales, marketing and brand development for the apparel industry. My legacy in morphing Pandora Casuals into and creating "One Clothing" (please allow me to boast that the Owner of One Clothing became the president of Forever 21 certainly due to my efforts in establishing him as the world's best apparel producer) and driving the company to 120 million in global sales within 6 years is a proven testament to my sales, marketing and team management expertise. I bring extensive expert knowledge in licensing, merchandising and product management. I am an expert in brand management, apparel manufacturing, merchandising, design, sourcing, production, strategic planning and business development all of which will be an outstanding exemplary addition to your business.

  • Think outside the box offering unique ideas that enhance promote and prosper your business with programs that are trend-setting and fun with taste, integrity and quality.
  • Identify and outreach new opportunities in sales, marketing, and licensing.
  • Lead generation, deal making, and contract negotiations.
  • Implement and maintain all marketing directives, events, trade shows and ensure execution of effective marketing strategies for hard lines and soft lines.
  • Develope strategic html presentations and assure SEO, HTML, Meta-tags for top search engine placement to capture and maximize both retail and wholesale audience.
  • Work with the trades, stylist, and consumer publications to ensure editorial placement.
  • Develop outstanding showroom visual presentation for retail meetings, merchandising and organization.
  • Plan, organize, and execute global trade shows.
  • Prepare and present product line to buyers for retail, wholesale and private label accounts.
  • Introduce private label manufacturing partners and large retail buyers, GMM, and DMM in the United States.
  • Create an outstanding and compelling brand identity for your company so you become a Rock Star with everlasting life long fans and business partners.

Transform your dreams into a compelling reality. Turn the invisible into the visible. Expand your business while creating a legacy as a force for good on a global scale.

When we engage in business we find a way to do more for others than anyone else. We find a way to truly serve. To care for people in a way that no one else can.

We are given the gift of trust and influence.

Business allows us to make the invisible visible.

Business allows us to be the creator.

Our focus is to do more for others than anyone else. To add massive value to the world.

Business allows us to gain resources, connections and influence. And, with that, we can impact the entire planet for good.

Ace Ross Studios creates custom designed programs enhancing clients’ specific needs to exponentially grow business.





Wearing Confidence®

expert sales | marketing | licensing | brand expansion




Current Consulting Project :


Ace Ross Studios represents KAYSER on a Global Scale. 2016 to Present

Created a solid USA Foundation and presence for the number one intimate, sleepwear, hosiery, home brand from Santiago, Chile.

Created the KAYSER Global Initiative

Create ongoing English Social Media Marketing for Global Distributors.

Developed and completed a personal relationship with Amazon to build the brand in the USA.

Introduced distribution / retailers for Canada, The Caribbean, Scandinavia, with Europe, France and Pakistan in the process now.

Consistent daily outreach on social media, press release platforms for global business partners.


Guangzhou Unique Garments Co., LTD

Ace Ross Studios was tasked with introducing Unique Garments Trading Company to the USA.

I created two websites giving an identity to which buyers could relate to. I implemented a social media campaign.

Within 6 months, I set up the company at February Magic, took them to New York and Los Angeles to meet and greet the largest junior manufacturers in the country. They became registered vendors with two major retailers with a total of 2000 doors and they have direct to retail orders. They are in the product development with three of Americas finest mass brands.

Guangzhou Unique Garments Co.,LTD. is a clothing merchandising and sourcing trading company with GMC certification who works on an FOB China policy. Guangzhou Unique Garments Co.,LTD. was founded in 2008. For many years, through strategic change, increase brand in the enterprise sector; according to the company's President of strategic guidance requirements, adding modern enterprise management mode, further increasing the enterprise's strategy execution. Ming Yue clothing the parent comany, is seriously implementing the enterprise development strategy, adhere to the clothing production-oriented industry, ensuring that existing customers with the best service on the basis of efforts to expand domestic and international markets, expand business areas, diversification and all-round development. In branding, e-commerce business, garment development and achieved good performance. This means that they will work with the companies I introduced them to, they will grow there business with them into the millions of dollars overt the next decade.

Guangzhou Unique Garments Co.,LTD

Registration No.:440126000220398 - Date of Issue:2008-09-19 - Date of Expiry:2018-09-19 - Registered Capital:RMB 500,000 - Company Name:Guangzhou Unique Garments Trading Co., Ltd.Country/Territory:China (Mainland)Registered address:4th Floor, No. 1, Taishi Boying Ind. Area, Dongchong Town, Nansha Area, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland)Year Established:2008Legal Representative/CEO:Zhiming LiLegal Form:Limited Liability Company (Invested Or Controlled By Natural Persons)Issuing Authority:Guangzhou City Administration for Industry and Commerce Nansha Branch

for further information contact:
Sherwin Ace Ross
Tel: 213/885-8448

CEO 9 / 2011 present



Born from the sentiment of the American people after 9-11-2001, A.C.E.  was created as an apparel brand to never forget.

A.C.E. is committed to bringing nostalgic Americana, fun & fashion into the Men’s and Women’s casual lifestyle by using the latest trends and stylistic fabrications without sacrificing quality and value.

Today A.C.E.  1851 Vintage Denim and Tops core identity is basic. Consisting of denims, all seasonal tops and bottom that accentuate details in the stitching, washes, and on-trend design. Mixed with 1800’s American destination and advertising art, A.C.E.  1851 Vintage is masculine and feminine in fit.

The affirmation indicating that A.C.E.’s status as a fashion trend leader comes from the fact that there is today no authentic and true Americana apparel line that is capturing the sentiment of the American youth revolution of love, passion and oneness to be proud of their American heritage from its founding fathers. From this, this portfolio shows the intention of bringing together an Americana lifestyle brand of denim crops, hip hugger bellbottoms, the long jeans, the skinny, the jegging, the flare, embroidered smocking, rompers, jackets, coats, and outerwear. To complement the bottoms there is a collection of garment dyed mineral wash modal viscose cotton blended vintage 1800’s to early 1900’s destination and advertising art tees.

Categories include active wear, headwear, footwear, belts, bags, homewares, automotive, firearms, stationary, wall art, and jewelry, etc.

The brand American Clothing Enterprise 1851 Vintage represents the proud history of the struggles and successes of the American people as ONE. Satisfaction guaranteed, the care put into the cut, the attention to detail down-to-the-rivets, washes, treatments and latest graphic techniques offers a  commitment to consistency.

A.C.E.’s future in partnership with its retailers and licensees, is clearly limitless.


Senior sales and marketing partner form 2010 to 2012.

In collaboration with Robert Thorne / Greg Redlitz, Senior Consultant establishing retail and manufacturing partnerships in the representation of celebrity clients in the spaces of unscripted television, film, music, new media, book publishing for licensing, brand expansion in fashion, beauty, home goods and consumer products.

We're the Robert Thorne Company, we know the value of celebrities to a brand: Robert Thorne and Greg Redlitz, the architects who built and ran Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s fashion, beauty, home and entertainment brand at Wal-Mart globally, with over $1 billion of annual global retail sales. We were the legal team for Brokeback Mountain. Our key strategy's worked with Hilary Duff brand (with fashion and accessories selling at over 16,000 retail doors), the Quincy Jones brand (in publishing and audio/electronics), the Snooki brand (new to market), the Vatican brand (with global reach in home products and collectibles), and other celebrity, institutional and philanthropic brands.

My accomplishments:

  • Licensing deal for Snooki Couture Apparel, Bags, Shoes
  • Licensing deal for Melissa McCarthy Apparel
  • Licensing deal for Wendy Williams wigs.
  • Licensing  deal for OmniPeace
  • Licensing deal for "Sha's of Sunset, Mercedes Javid"
  • Management agreement, Agency agreements for the entire cast of "Welcome to Myrtle Manor".
  • Outreach for Marlen Ezparza, Taylor Armstrong, Zak Bagans, Josh Altman and
  • Coordinate Business Development and Marketing
  • Research - Outreach to develop various product categories.
  • Key interface with divisional marketing and licensees.
  • Composition of FTP sites, other outreach materials. A heavy emphasis is placed on digital presence and utilization.
  • Ensure adherence to brand standards;communicate and monitor the brand vision to licensees.
  • Work closely with licensees on initial concepts, and assist team so product meets creative director’s vision for
    the brand.

    For further information please contact:
    Senior Consultant; Sherwin Ross

The Robert Thorne Company


Excel Branding: 2012 current

specialize in strategic brand extension licensing for trademarks, celebrities, designers, special events.

Our Vision: is to think out of the box and come up with unique ideas that both enhance, protect and profit our clients for the long term.

Our Mission: Protection, Promotion and Profit for our clients with evergreen programs that are unique, trend setting, fun, with taste, quality and integrity.

Sherwin "Ace" Ross a 28 year veteran in the apparel industry, grew up in Paris, France. Sherwin, a trained actor, musician, singer, dancer he has appeared in theater, film and TV. After staring in HAiR the Musical, Sherwin created hip-hugger bell-bottoms out of cotton Lycra leggings, his wild prints sold in Macy's. Since the 80's Sherwin has been in apparel, licensing, retail, wholesale. Sherwin licensed the artwork form the 60's musical for apparel and accessories, is credited with creating the CBGB collection with Hilly Krystal, creating the One Clothing Company, licensing B heart B by Bugle Boy and is responsible for finding licensing programs for Wendy Williams, Snooki, Melissa McCarthy,  OmniPeace, Marika, and is currently working on many outstanding licensing and garment production projects.

Excel Branding is in collaboration with Sun Capital Partners offers to the investment acquisition industry: expert reports of licensing potential for stressed brands or brands in need of financial solutions.

Current clients include; Hanna Andersson, The Limited, Jessica Steele, City of Malibu, Marika, Tehama, Bally Total Fitness, Tony Bennett, Miss Universe Organization, Johnny Rockets, and Friendly's.

For further information on licensing opportunities: Contact:  Sherwin Ace Ross   |   213/884-8448   |  |




Antex Mills / Guru Knits / US Blanks
September 2011– Present freelance

 "Our goal of Antex Knitting Mills is to service the knit fabric needs of the apparel industry with high quality, competitively priced fabrics and garments backed by outstanding customer service and technical expertise."

Antex Knitting Mills is a vertical knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing company established in Los Angeles in 1973.

Antex technical and performance fabrics are used by the US Army and Under Amour.
Matchmaster wash and dye house design team are creating innovative new treatments, fabrics, and bodies for the junior - girls markets.

Our cut and sew division in Los Angles gives us the edge on speed to market. We are competitive with Mexico and China because we are vertical. We work with retailers, licensees and manufacturers. Our business model works best with long term relationships.

US Blanks a division of Antex Knitting Mills manufactures knit fashion tops for men, women and children in Los Angeles. In house services include design, garment dyeing, laundry, screen printing and sublimation.


January 2009 - December 2011:   AMERICAN APPAREL   Los Angeles  /  Las Vegas

  • I was responsible for initiating a 180 degree turn-around for American Apparel Las Vegas retail operations. Reporting directly to the CEO in effect triggered change in the global retail operations.
  • Implement and maintained all visual merchandising directives and ensured   execution of effective merchandising strategies at all Las Vegas Stores.
  • Identified and executed marketing opportunities in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, The Miracle Mile, UNLV University and High Schools.
  • Evaluate the performance of each associate and provide constant feedback to ensure results.
  • Sales immediately increased 180% at Premium Outlet Store.
  • Organized the 2009 University Factory Flea Market Tour event at multiple Universities.
  • I implemented a direct marketing program on the tour to university students and all surrounding high schools.
  • Worked in the Factory to organize and reduce closeout inventory.
  • Booked, organized, scheduled and trained employees to execute the 2009 summer New York City Street Fairs. We reduced closeout inventory significantly.
  • Booked appointments at the factory and showed the closeout-line to off price buyers.



2007- 2012: FRIENDS OF CASHMERE LLC , Los Angeles
created a new brand for the luxury pet industry with Jeff Rudes @ J Brand Denim Company

  • Sales and Marketing Co-Design, develop and produce product
  • Design and develop web site. 
  • Manage SEO, social media network outsourcing. 
  • Photography for trade show display, magazine advertising, internet marketing pop. 
  • Plan and executed trade shows. 
  • Manage public relations 
  • Manage distribution


Director of Design, Sales & Marketing for Win Choice America A Division of Win Choice Hong Kong.

2006-2007 : WIN CHOICE AMERICA, Los Angeles

  • Created a new division of Win Choice Asian Investment LTD in the USA. 
  • Created and executed branding strategies for junior sportswear distribution, sales, and marketing campaigns. 
  • Created concepts, designed junior apparel story boards, logos, art direction, colors and chose fabrics for fall 2007 and spring 2008. 
  • Here is one concept. 
  • Merchandised Los Angeles Showroom. 
  • Communicated with Hong Kong factory designers following up on production for samples, costing, marketing package and scheduling.


2004- Present FOUNDASCO USA
Sales / Marketing / Distribution and Production FOB Philippines

  • Private label sales and marketing for Foundasco factories in the Philippines.
  • Produced private label for Charlotte Russe / Sharagano / created samples and costing for Ed Hardy Polo.
  • Reference Henry Levy 213 627-4905
  • Owner, Precy Mangulabnan
    Owner / Designer / Sales & Marketing

2000-2012 ACE ROSS STUDIOS and American Clothing Enterprises: Los Angeles / New York

  • Sales, marketing, design and manufacture children's, junior and young Contemporary apparel for better department stores and boutiques.
  • Created sales opportunities at Magic International and The New York City ENK shows.
  • Shipped 1 million dollars in the first year.

1996 - 2001 : THE ONE VOICE FOUNDATION: Los Angeles / New York

Founder/ Director

    • Created the non -profit with One Clothing to give back to the community.
    • Caused fundraising in the industry for children education scholarships
    • Caused fundraising in the industry to collect and distribute clothing to disaster stricken areas of the world.


1995 - 2001 : PANDORA CASUALS/ ONE CLOTHING: Los Angeles / New York
President of Sales & Marketing

  • Renamed the Company from Pandora Casuals to ONE CLOTHING driving global sales to over 120 million in 6 years!
  • One Clothing (now Forever 21) was undoubtedly the number one manufacturer in affordable junior fashions offering speed to market. One Clothing set the standard of the Los Angeles Fashion Industry explosion in the late 90's.
  • Ace photography for catalogues trade show display, magazine advertising, internet marketing
  • Ace planned and executed global trade shows including all USA, Europe, China and East Germany.
  • Ace brought private label and licensing opportunities including B heart B by Bugle Boy, sold to Sears, Montgomery Ward, Mervyns, Kohl's. Ace with Hilly Krystal designed and produced the first CBGB line.
  • Traveled and marketed worldwide, successfully building sales from 750 K to 100 Million within 6 years.
  • Owner: Changho OK

photos: Sherwin Ace Ross

1990-1996 : SHES GOT LEGS : NYC

Owner / Manufacturer / Sales Marketing / Retailer / Wholesaler


  • Designed and manufactured cotton Lycra leggings and hip hugger bellbottoms.
  • Created multiple retail locations in Soho.
  • The line was carried in Macy's.
  • My clients included Brooke Shields, rock bands, and tall models. ( I made my bottoms extra long)



1997 - 2002

1971 - 1979

Mastery University with Tony Robbins 4 year course: Masters Degree Kona-HI-USA-Fiji
Lived and worked in Paris, France  
Employment Details:  
Employment Types: Full Time
Education Level: High School - Mastery University Tony Robbins -
Years of Experience: 20+ Years
Industry: Apparel
Job Type: Sales, Marketing, Licensing, Management, Manufacturing, Product Development, Product Management, Production, Purchasing, Quality Control, Sales, Sourcing
Availability Status: Call for availability
Willing to Relocate: Yes
Desired Pay: $open
Willing to Travel: yes


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  Contact Information:
Preferred Contact Method: Email
Preferred Contact Time: Morning
Web Site:
Primary Email:
Home Phone: 213/ 884 8448
Office Phone: 213/ 884 8448
Confidential Reference Contacts:  

Rob Stone

Excel branding


Steve Wasserman

Wasserman, Comden & Cassleman

818/ 705 6800

Terry Martinez CEO / Publisher

California Apparel News

213/ 627-3737 ext 213

Dov Charney CEO

American Apparel

Jeff Rudes CEO

J-Brand Denim

213/ 749-3500

Bill Kim COO

Double Zero

323/ 846-1400

Joyce Gurwitz Segal CEO

Joyce Leslie Stores

201/ 804 7800


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