How can I serve you?

“My values are to be healthy, courageous, and fearless creating magic moments of love while serving others. To mentor and influence a conversation to advance and serve humanity on a global scale.

My expertise is creative, thinking outside the box, sales, marketing, merchandising, storyteller, licensing, branding, leadership, hands on website and social media development to target and identify your brands audience on both the consumer and wholesale levels.

I own exceptional trade show performance skills in building rapport to create everlasting fans.

Mostly, having sold over 1 billion USD in apparel over my career, I find pleasure in teaching, mentoring, and helping others to create exponential growth. There is no reason why companies should not hire an individual with outstanding proven success to identify areas in your business that lose time and finances creating detours and dead ends on your roadmap to your final destination.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you will never get there.”


How can I serve you?

Ace Ross Studios offers a boutique service creating custom programs to enhance your business.

SherWIN is an outstanding leader, storyteller, marketer, salesman, licensing, producer who finds the way to resolve your needs, problems, and obstacles, turning years of your future wishes and accomplishments into months.

“It took three years for Sherwin to transform KAYSER, a bra and panty manufacturer from Chile into a global brand with store openings and distribution partners in Scandinavia, France, The Caribbean, USA, Canada, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.” Myrle Atchley Neiman Marcus Customer Service Associate.

Case study,
When I met the CEO of KAYSER there was Zero international presence.
Nothing on The World
Wide Web, Instagram, FaceBook or Twitter. The company had no website.
Google KAYSER Intimates today and look at the results Ace Ross Studios achieved.
Search KAYSER on Instagram and FaceBook and see the extraordinary results this company for Santiago, Chile unknown outside of Chile has today.

*I created the KAYSER Global Initiative with the story that KAYSER does more for their employees and communities more than anyone can.

*I created the story that KAYSER provides outstanding garments to the consumer targeting impoverished communities providing underwear, sox, intimates and sleepwear at the very best price points possible.

*I created the illusion that the stores are extremely a profitable opportunity top make a difference in the community, and providing jobs.

*I targeted and reached important decision makers in The Middle East, Europe, Asia, The USA and Canada resulting in distribution deals in Pakistan, France, Scandinavia, Germany, Russia, The USA and Canada.

*I communicated effectively with the entire distribution network of KAYSER to assure that the Social Media presence had continuity. I provided English marketing tools, photos, and logos etc.

*I assisted on site in Scandinavia, Pakistan, The Caribbean and France to help set up the boutiques and Online Stores, Social Media etc.

*I sought out and managed an IT company in India to execute an affordable central database of The KAYSER catalogue for all of the distributors to onboard
affordably as a co-op to open the store in their specific country.

Ask me about my mentor / consultation opportunities to teach you
what it took me 40 years to master.

Take Action +1 213 884-8448

Mentor – Coach

Turn years into months!

What are you having trouble with?

It took me 40 years to achieve outstanding results.

Sherwin is a force for good, in retail-wholesale sales and marketing, private label apparel, private label cosmetics, celebrity licensing opportunities, digital marketing, global trade show execution, and business consulting. Each program is custom tailored to meet the clients needs.

“When your why must I do this is stronger than any possible excuse to fail, you find your how!”

Transform your dreams into a compelling reality. Turn the invisible into the visible. Expand your business while creating a legacy as a force for good on a global scale.

“Experience is the best teacher!”

When we engage in business we find a way to do more for others than anyone else. We find a way to truly serve. To care for people in a way that no one else can.

We are given the gift of trust and influence.

Business allows us to make the invisible visible.

Business allows us to be the creator.

Our focus is to do more for others than anyone else. To add massive value to the world.

Business allows us to gain resources, connections and influence. And, with that, we can impact the entire planet for good.

Ace Ross Studios creates custom designed programs enhancing clients’ specific needs to exponentially grow business.

Ace Ross Studios marketing has been seen on thousands of News Networks around the world.
You drive where you are laser focused. 

We don’t quit when we’re tired, we quit when we’re done!

Doing something is better than doing nothing!

The secret to living is giving.

We are all ONE. Some are more fortunate than others. Life is short, leave a legacy as someone who did more for others than anyone can!


Sherwin “Ace” Ross was born in New York. He moved to Paris France in 1971 and enjoyed the entire 70’s as a recording artist with Barclay records. In 1979 Sherwin moved back to NYC to enroll in the Lee Strasberg Institute and Stella Adler Conservatory to polish his skills as a method actor. Sherwin is a drummer, singer, actor and trained jazz dancer. He works in theater, film and TV.  Most recently featured in “The Hero” with Sam Elliot,  “Boomer Hogs” with Eric Roberts and “Fates Shadow” as Sam which is currently making the rounds in the film festivals in the short film category while raising capital to become a feature production.

Ace Ross

Ace Ross

Most notably Sherwin starred in the 20th Anniversary USA Tour of “HAiR the Musical”. After that gig, Sherwin created hip-hugger bell-bottoms out of cotton Lycra leggings. His company, “She’s Got Legs” retail / design / manufacturing was located at 510 Broadway, NYC 10012 between Spring and Broome Streets, next to Canal Jeans. The brand sold in Macy’s. Sherwin licensed the artwork from the 60’s musical HAiR for apparel and accessories, is credited with creating the CBGB collection with Hilly Krystal, creating the One Clothing Company (owner is now president of Forever 21), and licensing B Heart B by Bugle Boy.

Sherwin is responsible for the outreach in creating landmark licensing programs for Wendy Williams, Snooki, Melissa McCarthy, Bugle Boy, CBGB, OmniPeace and Marika Bags.

“Always with Integrity and Quality First”

Ace Ross Studios is passionate in being of service to help others grow their business. Please call with any questions 213/ 884 – 8448 or email Thank you and please…. let’s be kind to each other. We are all in this together. We are all ONE.

“It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, or how you love… it only matters that you love” — John Lennon