“Experience is the best teacher!”

When we engage in business we find a way to do more for others than anyone else. We find a way to truly serve. To care for people in a way that no one else can.

We are given the gift of trust and influence.

Business allows us to make the invisible visible.

Business allows us to be the creator.

Our focus is to do more for others than anyone else. To add massive value to the world.

Business allows us to gain resources, connections and influence. And, with that, we can impact the entire planet for good.

Ace Ross Studios creates custom designed programs enhancing clients specific needs to exponentially grow business.

Create a legacy for decades to come.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney”

“Once you become fearless, you become limitless.”

The KAYSER Global Initiative

KAYSER will have boutiques in every capital city with whole-sale distribution in every country! KAYSER will provide jobs to homeworkers in every country.

“KAYSER is a brand of prestige and tradition internationally known for quality, value, and service. ”—Sherwin Ace Ross

Founded in 1908 in the United States, KAYSER is the number one intimate, and sleepwear family brand in Chile.We have 352 branches in 44 countries around the world and over two thousand ports of sale.                For owners and investors, an exclusive franchisee is required for many countries. KAYSER owns and operates 70 stores in Chile and 40 stores in Peru. KAYSER will help the franchisee build out the stores, provide all the marketing, and introduce your store to Amazon. KAYSER is a Family Brand.

Kayser A Family Brand

We design in Chile and manufacture intimates, underwear, hosiery and socks, for men, woman and children.We will create specific packaging to suit your countries’ specifications.Franchise KAYSER in Your Country.

For information and questions regarding this outstanding opportunity please contact:

213/ 884 8448 

KAYSER International, “Your inner love.”

KAYSER specializes in the design and manufacturing of intimate apparel, sleepwear and socks for men and women, and underwear, socks and pajamas for children. Coming in 2019 the company has designed KAYSER Home. Our factories are in China lending the abilities to offer branded and private label programs.

Established / trademarked in the USA 1880 and then established in Santiago Chile in 1960 KAYSER is the trusted brand in family intimate, sleepwear, knit, and in Home in South America, Australia, and Mexico.

KAYSER is distributed in 44 nations. KAYSER based in Santiago, Chile has a South American influence in design and production, we are certain that in this changing retail landscape it’s the right time for KAYSER to get its sexy in your country.

KAYSER is an exponential thinking young technology company with a customer centric approach. Witness the fan base on Facebook in Chile, Peru, and Australia, this multi-billion-dollar empire resonates on a global scale in design, quality, fit, price point and delivery. KAYSER will support all retailers with POP, signage, store fixtures, shippers, marketing support via social media, TV and print campaigns.

While every business faces challenges, some, like KAYSER, are fortunate enough to enjoy real successes, wins and victories, too. One such victory came when seemingly against all odds Jaime and Edward found a really big building and wonderful people to work with to grow and become the number one intimate and sleepwear brand in Chile.

Los Angeles, California-based, Sherwin “Ace” Ross, actor, THE KAYSER International Representative  is calling for other entrepreneurs to partner with the firm. Defined as the number one family intimate apparel and sleep wear brand in Chile, KAYSER a well-known brand worldwide is expanding its global reach. Now with 130 boutiques worldwide and distribution in supermarkets and department stores in over 44 countries, the brand is seeking to extend its reach into more countries.

Sherwin “Ace” Ross, was also quoted when discussing another big win. “One of the high points of KAYSER  history so far was having been introduced to Randy Aziz, the CEO of Creations Cindy Ann, a Montreal based Intimate and apparel company who is now the Canadian distributor. Immediately, Randy started writing orders with Canadian retailers. Within one year contacts have been signed in the Scandinavia, The Caribbean, Middle East, USA and Canada with distributors. The opportunity to partner with KAYSER is outstanding and opens a whole new realm of online / brick and mortar possibilities with an established brand at a very affordable investment base. Ross, is on an unbridled rampage to get the word out to intimate and sleepwear entrepreneurs around the world of this outstanding opportunity to become a KAYSER exclusive partner / distributor exercising territorial rights exclusively country by country.” KAYSER provides the distribution partner with everything from amazing quality apparel, first class marketing tools, video commercials, social media content and guidance for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, floor plans, and fixtures.

Kayser Intimates and Sleepwear’s Founder, Jaime Nazal and Edward Abugattas says “KAYSER is delighted to be celebrating their 52 year anniversary. I believe the secret to getting this far in business today is “Once one become fearless, one become limitless”. Remain laser focused to achieve the desired results. Experience is the best teacher.” As well, there is deep gratitude that the children of the founders have been afforded outstanding education and are now guiding the global expansion of KAYSER. The company is proud to be helping special need young adults with training in KAYSER distribution centers and most important is the KAYSER consumer base which is centered to the working class heroes and families around the world.

KAYSER currently consist of 800 employees and has big plans for the upcoming years. One of their core objectives is to franchise a KAYSER boutique in every capital city around the world.

KAYSER would also like to thank friends, customers and all its partners for their well wishes on this happy occasion.

More information on the business can be found at KAYSER GLOBAL or contact Ace Ross for further information on becoming a KAYSER Partner Distributor. There are many countries that would benefit from having access to KAYSER beautiful intimates, socks and sleepwear. Ace Ross 213/ 884 8448 or

“Retail is in transition in the USA, with 25 square feet of retail space for each person and 92% of people purchasing at the least one item of apparel on line. The arena is changing. In a struggling economy, it’s intimidating to be lured into Victoria’s Secret to get your sexy on knowing you have to by spend so much. KAYSER designs, fit, production, fabrics, retail model, price points and proven ability to design and fulfill every level of retail is outstanding! In South America, you can go from a KAYSER retail store in the mall to the supermarket and find your favorites KAYSER items that you forgot at the KAYSER Store! This is truly a wonderful company run by a wonderful family and I am grateful to be on board.

KAYSER owns and operates retail stores in Chile and Peru that serve as the role model for stores in the USA and Canada. conceptshopenglishPlease visit KAYSER on FaceBook. The KAYSER family cares more for their employees and customers more than anyone can. Our mission is to create everlasting fans of our customers through empathy, offering an awesome product at a fair value providing an unforgettable experience!

Please visit these links below.

Kayser Peru

Kayser Chile

Kayser Australia

Kayser at Home

KAYSER offers decades of expert garment production, design and innovative sales and marketing programs to manufacturers and retailers.

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Ace Ross Apparel



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Ace Ross Studios offers apparel retail and wholesale sales,  private label apparel and accessories production, branded and celebrity licensing opportunities,

global trade show execution, and business consulting, 

Transform your dreams into a compelling reality expanding your business while creating a legacy as a force for good on a global scale.

So get up and on the floor, we’re gonna boogie woogie boogie till we just can’t boogie no more.

Sherwin “Ace”Ross





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Sherwin “Ace” Ross is a firewalker!


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