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Robert Thorne and Gregory Von Redlitz


Sherwin "Ace" Ross, served as “Senior Consultant to The Robert Thorne Company.” he brings three decades of global expertise in apparel, brand expansion, licensing, trade show, sales, and marketing. "Ace was our missing link, Ace is an integral part of the sales team in establishing retail and manufacturing partnerships", states Thorne, in the representation of celebrity clients in the spaces of unscripted television, film, music, new media, book publishing for licensing, brand expansion in fashion, beauty, home goods and consumer products.


Ace's success at The Robert Thorne Company to date include Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi licensing and endorsement deals in apparel and accessories, Wendy Williams Wigs and Apparel, Melissa McCarthy Apparel senior consultant, introduction to Sunrise Brands, resulting in apparel, accessories and beauty licensing, OmniPeace licensing for apparel, procured management and agents for the entire cast on Welcome to Myrtle Manor, Apparel licensing for Mercedes Javids, outreach for Marlen Esparza, Zak Bagans, Baby Genius and Taylor Armstrong. Sherwin joined Thorne and Redlitz in 2012 - 2014 opening a plethora of new licensing opportunities.


I assure you as an insider working hand in hand with Robert Thorne and Greg Redlitz that they are deceptive, cunning, fast talking and absolutely have psychopathic tendency and intentions that are deceiving clients and celebrities.


I will offer just two examples:


1- They were pursuing Melissa McCarthy for licensing possibilities. She was not a client. I was hounded at all hours of the day and night by a what seemed to be cocaine infused Robert Thorne ranting that I must contact Macy's and Wal-Mart which I did successfully. I lined up numerous apparel companies, fragrance companies, home goods, etc. One New york Clothing Company was invited to Saturday Night Live by Melissa Agent when Melissa was hosting. Many times Robert stated, "You must find a clothing licensing deal or I will loose her. He promised me that I would be wealthy and justly compensated


I introduced the opportunity to Sunrise Brands and Macy's together. This resulted in a multi million dollar licensing deal.


2-I introduced a very affluent clothing company to Robert Thorne and Greg Redlitz that were bamboozled into a licensing deal well into the six figures. How were they bamboozled? I will tell you…I was instructed to convince the owners of the clothing company that Kevin Costner, Cheryl Crow, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Anderson and other A List Celebrities support the Brand and would make live appearances at the Trade shows! It was after the initial; introduction at Robert Thornes home with the owners that Robert Thorne flipped and went into a weird pacing back and forth chain smoking rant (after they left in his back yard) in front of my partner and myself on what he was going to do because the celebrities he had instructed me to push with the deal was a total lie!!!!!!!


Robert Thorne in his late 60’s married a 22-year-old girl cleaning lady from Medellin, Colombia. I truly believe that people like this who think they are above the law should be investigated.


There is no slander in the truth. I swear that I am not with vengeance. I must speak out to protect others from these despicable two attorneys that have deceived and hurt many people for the past 25 years.



About Licensing

Licensing is the permission to use well known imagery, such as film, cartoon characters, sports or corporate trade marks on consumer products or in sales promotions. Licensors are typically film companies, TV production companies or sporting bodies who own the rights to the property and licensees are the companies who want to use the trademarks or imagery in their promotions or on their products.

Benefits to the licensees include raised awareness of products and promotions, increased sales and revenue, expanded customer base and a competitive advantage against similar products in the market place.

Benefits to the licensor include increased character or brand exposure, additional revenue, a stronger negotiating position with third parties such as TV, video and theatrical distributors and protection of trademarks and brand standards.

Our aim is to extend properties into the complete range of consumer products and services - to the benefit of the licensor, the licensees and the consumer. The long-standing relationships we have with many of our clients is a testament to our client care and the priority given to every property no matter how big or small.


When you submit your licensing proposal, please make sure that the following terms are included within. Not providing a complete proposal may result in the response to your proposal being delayed and/or rejected.

1) Company seeking license including all address/contact info, including holding companies, subsidiaries, etc.
2) Property(ies) sought (Snooki, etc.)
3) Brief background of the company
4) Product(s) sought w/ description including material, sizes, styles, etc.
5) Expected wholesale and retail prices of each product
6) Term sought
7) Royalty Rate offer
8) Projection of sales by year over the course of the Term
9) Minimum Royalty Guarantee offer
10) Advance offer against Minimum Royalty Guarantee
11) Territories and languages sought
12) Channels of Distribution sought (including examples of key retailers for each)
13) Estimated Marketing Date (when you would start showing the product to retailers)
14) Estimated Ship Date
15) Estimated On-Shelf Date
In addition, we would like the following information:
- When do retailers expect product?
- When will Licensee need to ship product?
- When will Licensee's product be available to consumers to buy?
- When will Licensee need to start manufacture to achieve the above dates?

Call for references:

Sherwin Ross - 213/884-8448; sherwin@robertthorne.com

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Principal Robert Thorne , self proclaimed architect who created and managed Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s acting career, fashion, beauty, home and entertainment brand at Wal-Mart globally with over $1 billion of annual global retail sales. Despite it all, the twins personal fortune was still enough to buy a small Caribbean nation. But instead they decided to use a part of their personal wealth to buy-out minority Dualstar shareholders Robert Thorne and Greg Redlitz (reportedly for their awful mismanagement of the duo over the previous five years).

Read more: http://www.cracked.com/funny-1305-the-olsen-twins/#ixzz2kC3CfEuO

Our key strategy has worked for the Hilary Duff brand (with fashion and accessories selling at over 16,000 retail doors, In a November 2008 interview with Fashion Rules magazine, Hilary stated that her "Stuff by Hilary Duff" line was officially discontinued since she didn't have full control of the line anymore). and the Quincy Jones mega apparel and beauty brand.




Marlen Esparza, wendy williams, snooki, nicole polizzi, ace ross , sherwin ross, robert thonre , greg redlitz, taylor armstrong, melissa mccarthy, omnipeace


Marlen Esparza, wendy williams, snooki, nicole polizzi, ace ross , sherwin ross, robert thonre , greg redlitz, taylor armstrong, melissa mccarthy,


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