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Sherwin "Ace" Ross






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I have to say I am incredibly impressed with Sherwin Ace Ross's video footage / commercial reels. Sherwin is able to pull off an incredible number of types believably, and has a certain front of camera poise that I think is incredibly difficult to find.

"Abigail Schwarz theater and film director"

"Sherwin, is an amazing actor, so clear and so full of energy."

Gerald Busby (composer)

On HAiR The Musical as the lead role "Berger",

"Sherwin you took it and owned it! You are a member of an elite group of talented crazy people."

Peppy Castro, The Blues Magoo's and Original HAiR Cast Member.

“I am surrounded by many


amazing actors every day, I have


discovered Ace, he is my Lee Marvin.


He comes from within, its all in his eyes.


Garvey is a dangerous, violent, sensitive


character. I love Ace, he listens, he gets it.


The film tests are amazing to watch.”


Jessica Duran, Director Producer






The Hero








Tym Moss of UBC TV talks to SHERWIN ROSS of Hair at Broadway Sings For Pride















HAiR photo by Martha Swope

Ram Jam


Hard Knox

Tough Talk

Eddie Barclay

Live TV in Europe

  Sherwin ,  Precy (Foundasco-USA President),  Hilly Krystal(CBGB)

Las Vegas Hilton Feb.18th 2005

Sherwin is credited for creating the first CBGB Fashion Collection and putting it on the runway at Magic International, Las Vegas in 1998.

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Tough Talk at Drums NYC

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Sherwin - John Lieght - Bruce Furst

First Band :) 1969



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