Professional Actor, multiple disciplinary in apparel sales, marketing, brand management, licensing and production.

Sherwin “Ace” Ross spent the entire 70’s as a recording artist based in Paris, France. Sherwin is a trained method actor, musician, singer, and dancer. He works in theater, film and TV. Most recently featured in “Boomer Hogs” with Eric Roberts and cast in the new musical by Yves Dessca, “The Count of Monte Cristo” as Edmond Dantes.

After starring in HAiR the Musical, Sherwin created hip-hugger bell-bottoms out of cotton Lycra leggings, “She’s Got Legs” sold in Macy’s. Sherwin licensed the artwork from the 60’s musical HAiR for apparel and accessories, is credited with creating the CBGB collection with Hilly Krystal, creating the One Clothing Company (owner is now president of Forever 21), licensing B Heart B by Bugle Boy and is responsible for finding licensing programs for Wendy Williams, Snooki, Melissa McCarthy, OmniPeace, Marika, and is currently working on an outstanding branding, licensing, and garment production project with factories in China, India and The Philippines.

Re-branding Pandora Casuals into One Clothing was a hallmark. Women’s Wear Daily ultimately “branded” the nickname “Ace” as a result of the tremendous global success the company received.

My pleasure is to be of service. Feel free to out reach to me anytime.

all dreams

Sherwin “Ace” Ross



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