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Growing up in Paris, France made a very big impact on the entrepreneurial spirit of Sherwin Ross.


In 1989 to 1995 Ross created "She's Got Legs" a boutique on Broadway and Broome streets in Soho, NYC where he designed, manufactured and sold hip-hugger bellbottoms out of stretch cotton lycra, stretch velvets and Pucci prints. "She's Got Legs" became a Soho destination for models, rock bands and actors.

"She's Got Legs" was also available at Macy's 4th floor.

In 1995 Sherwin moved to Los Angeles to join Pandora Casuals.

Knocks Pandora Out of Box: California Apparel News link

1995 to 2000 growth of One Clothing

Ross knows the value of globalization. His manufacturing partners in Manila and China, his sales and marketing abilities in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Japan, among many other regions will provide your future and short term growth with outstanding results.

Sherwin Ross is a world class marketing and sales executive.

Melange years of experience as an actor, musician, singer, dancer, writer, designer, and humanitarian with the passion to sell, market, travel, and produce international trade shows, representing your business his trademark smile, honest and energetic leadership,you have a man that understands and respects the time and investment you have in your business.

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