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Ace Ross presents his American Clothing Enterprises children, girl and Tweens clothing line..

NEW YORK, NY- ACE ROSS STUDIOS, Inc., Los Angeles and New York, is presenting his American Clothing Enterprises children, girl and Tweens clothing line this week at the ENK Intermezzo Children’s Club exhibition, Pier 88, Manhattan. Labeled “Clothing For The Free”, the A.C.E. offerings include stretch denim with glitter treatments, foil hearts and stars.

The “Broadway Sisters”, Jewel and Blaire Restaneo, will be joining Ace at Booth 107, signing autographs and sporting shirts from a new Ace Ross clothing line being designed for the sisters’ television show project, “Kids Web World”.

Jewel and Blaire ended a two-year stint as the Oakley Sisters in Broadway’s “Annie Get Your Gun” in September. Jewel then joined the 2001 cast of “A Christmas Carol” at Madison Square Garden and Blaire starred in a short film “Confections” for the Sundance Film Festival. Both girls are regular cast kids on Saturday Night Live and were featured on “Challenge America” with Erin Brokovitch in December, 2001. In addition to appearances in several national television commercials airing in 2002, both little divas are now in the final phase of auditions for “Oklahoma!” coming to Broadway in the spring.

Ace Ross and the Broadway Sisters are like minded, since Ace is no stranger to the performing arts. He led his own rock band, appeared in numerous television films and performed in the 20th anniversary revival of “Hair” on stage. Ace says he will enjoy working with the girls on their television project and the clothing designed for “Kids Web World” will be an exciting future offering for his Tweens line.

Ace’s 2002 ENK offering also includes a collection of garment dye mineral washed French terry and stretch poplin distressed finished shorts. Ace’s Lounge wear™ 2002 collection adds more fun with sweet cherry, funky monkey, pretty kitty and an eye-catching group of Hawaiian floral's.

Booth 107 at Pier 88 ENK Intermezzo Children's Club.

Ace Ross Studios, Inc., (213) 765-0700

AR Studios. Children's Girls and Tweens line is represented by the Rose Garden in New York City.
Contact Roseann Yarusi at (212) 564 5100, 131 West 33rd Street

Jewel and Blaire Restaneo, and Contact Beyond The Imagination, Ltd. At (212) 706-8383

Contact: Bob Rooney at Warren Cowan & Associates (310) 553-1055 or


Outlaw Attacks Intimates Market
Through Ace Ross Connection 

Los Angeles, June 26, 2001 - "Outlaw," the L. A. based denim and fashion house which licensed their barbed-wire logo for use on lounge wear, sleepwear and lingerie to Ace Ross Studios, received a highly successful launch at the recent FEMME Show in New York.

"We are thrilled with the market's reaction to the Ace Ross additions to our line," said Mike Schmidt, who heads "Outlaw" with partners Kevin Port and Motley Crüe's famed bass player, Nikki Sixx. "Our hard-edged theme is a reflection of real Americana legend," Schmidt added. "Ace is now taking it to an ever wider audience. His sales in New York were really outstanding."

The Ace Ross designed items for "Outlaw" even feature a secret "Pocket-Pantie" for a young girl's "must-hide" items. The clothes all feature "Outlaw's" distinctive "barbed-wire" theme.

"Outlaw's" intimates, sleepwear and lingerie are available at the new Ace Ross Studios at 1230 S. San Pedro (at the corner of Pico) in the heart of downtown L.A.'s apparel market. The line is also available at Fred Segal and Hot Topics outlets, among others. "We went with Ace Ross and he came through for us," said Motley Crüe'sNikki Sixx. "Ace is more than a marketing guru....he's a rocker too."

Contact: Bob Rooney at Warren Cowan & Associates (310) 553-1055 or


Ace Ross Studios In Two New York Showings
Newest L.A. Based Youth Fashion House to Hit both ENK and FAME Shows

Los Angeles, Feb. 22, 2001 -- Los Angeles – Teen fashion creator Ace Ross will show his newest Tweens and junior designs at double-barreled showings in New York this March when he exhibits Ace Ross Studios’ signature lines at the ENK Children’s Club at Pier 90 as well as the FAME exposition at the Jacob Javitts Center.

Fresh from a triumph at Las Vegas’ Magic Show, where Ace Ross Studios wrote a record number of sales and initiated a series of powerful licensing agreements, Ross has signed to provide dresses, sleep ware and undies to MTV’s popular evening television series UNDRESSED.

Ross will show Ace’s Kids” at the ENK Children’s Club at Pier 90 from March 4th through 6th in booth #1049. He will overlap at the FAME Expo in Booth March 3rd through 5th where his Ace Ross Studios will show new Junior Sleepwear, Ace’s Undies and Junior collections for a 3/30 delivery.

Heading up the Ross’ national sales team for Ace’s Kids sizes 7 through 16 and toddler will be Leslie Sears. East Coast reps Lori Westchester and Abbie Baird Mellen from the Action Reaction showroom will represent the tween line “Ace’s Kids” by Ace Ross Studios Inc. on the East Coast. Ross is also holding discussions with a Dallas showroom for space.

Ross will launch his new ad campaign, “Dream Bigger,” at the New York shows. It features kids in fantasy situations: leading a symphony orchestra; starring in a movie; and becoming a rock star. “I want kids to dream big – then dream even bigger,” Ross explained.

Contact: Bob Rooney at Warren Cowan & Associates (310) 553-1055 or


Ace Ross Launches Clothing Line
Designed To Bring "Confidence" To Young Girls

New York, Jan. 3 -- Ace Ross, the actor/singer turned fashion guru, premieres his first “Ace Ross Studios” line of tween and junior women’s clothing here at the International Fashion Boutique Show on January 6th - 8th. Ross’ inaugural line offers trendy, affordable basics at wholesale prices of $3 to $29 along with the conviction that they can instill “confidence” in his youthful clients.

At the same time, he assures buyers that Ace Ross Studios’ adaptation of “vertical operations” to the garment business will bring to market the quality, speedy delivery and unending variety vital to this volatile market driven by 12 to 18-year-old girls.

The ebullient entrepreneur started out as a teen-aged singer in Paris, France, for Barclay Records. He eventually toured the U.S. as “Berger” in “Hair.” His trademark long, curly hair sets him apart from others in the garment business. Ross segued from singing to fashion after he reintroduced bell-bottom jeans (“She’s got legs”) and, in 1995, launched the successful Pandora Casuals label which he then spun off into One Clothing.

Ross remained there for a five-year stint that saw the manufacturer grow to a multi-million dollar organization.

“I’m creating clothing which carries the message ‘Wearing Confidence.’ My logo represents Unity and Friendship,” Ross says. “I want to let kids know just how special they are.”

Ross believes that his styles will help give young customers the confidence they deserve by relying, in part, on the simple elegance and stylishness of his clothes. He recommends checking out his web site,, to see some of his latest designs, his bio and, “most importantly,” he says, “ read the motivating letters I hope will help kids achieve in their lives even more than I have in mine.”

A committed motorcycle rider (Harley Davidson), photographer (he shoots his own ad campaigns), actor and musician, Ace Ross wants young women across America to know that he worries about their happiness and hopes to do something about it by giving them “the fashion fix they need and deserve.”

Contact: Bob Rooney at Warren Cowan & Associates (310) 553-1055 or

The Beverly Hills Courier
January 25, 2001

Super Bowl Predictions

Merv Griffin (Entertainer/Entrepreneur) The Ravens will win in a low-scoring game due to their premier defense, possibly by a 3-point margin, giving us, possibly, the most boring Super Bowl in history. I'll be watching "Bowling For Dollars" Final score, Ravens 10, Giants 7.
Aaron Spelling (Producer) Since both teams are so great on defense, I predict the game will go into six hours of overtime. The final score will be New York 0, Baltimore 0.

Jack Lemmon (Actor) A lot of people are going to be surprised by the Giants. I think they'll win by at least 7 points.
Eva Marie Saint (Oscar-Winning Actress) Of course the Giants are going to win the Super Bowl. They are the Giants, aren't they? Final score: Giants 21, Ravens 10.
David Hasselhoff (Actor-Singer/Producer) I grew up in Baltimore. My heart's always there. While spending six months in New York starring in the musical "Jekyll and Hyde," I grew to love the spirit and charisma of the Giants. So, choosing a winner in the Super Bowl isn't easy. Let's just say that "Dr. Jekyll picks the Ravens; Mr Hyde picks the Giants."

Lorenzo Lamas (Actor) Based on their record in the NFL, I think the Giants are going all the way. After all, I'm a native New Yorker. Final score: Giants 24, Ravens 14.

Ace Ross (Designer) Any team that can whip the Oakland Raiders has got my bet. It'll be Ravens 32, Giants 14.

Wayne Newton (Singer) Winner? The Giants because they not only have a great defense, but can also score. I'm a Cleveland Browns fan. So my loyalty stays in Cleveland -- and not with the team that left there!

Paul Newman (Actor) The Giants will win because they have better pitching (3 to zip)

Contact: Bob Rooney at Warren Cowan & Associates (310) 553-1055 or

Fashion Market
December 2000

Ross Named Toy Run Grand Marshal

Ace Ross who helped establish the junior apparel company One Clothing, was tabbed as the grand marshal of the 27th annual Los Angeles Toy Run to be held December 3.

Ross--who recently started his own company, Ace Ross Studios--led the pack of toy-carrying motorcycles during the all-day party held at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The parade kicked off from Griffith Park. The Motorcycle Association was on hand to help distribute Christmas toys to underprivileged children throughout the Los Angeles area.

It's all about soul," Ross said, commenting on his participation in the event. "Positive thoughts get positive results. As long as your purpose in life is to serve and help people and is not money-motivated, all your dreams will come true."

Ross' new company and label is aimed at the junior and tween apparel industry.

-- Thomas A. Tuna

Contact: Bob Rooney at Warren Cowan & Associates (310) 553-1055 or

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